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In short, it guarantees that we will have gear available for you, as well as making the whole process much more streamlined and smooth for you! When you reserve at the Alpen Haus, we set up all your equipment before you even get to the store, meaning the only thing we need from you is to try on your boots and sign some papers!

You can pick up your ski gear anytime after 1pm the day before you want to ski.

No worries! We ask for your credit card simply to hold your reservation, we won’t actually charge you until you pick up your gear. That way when you get here you can ski more or less, whatever you feel like! Just remember there are no refunds for unused ski days, so make sure to decide how long you’d like to ski before you pay. You can even select different rental periods for different members of your party.

Helmets are not required at Wolf Creek Ski Area, but are always a good idea! We have a large selection of helmets available for rental with your regular ski gear for an additional daily rate. We do not rent just helmets. Helmets are not sizable online, so they are first come first serve. But don’t worry, we have plenty.

You don’t need to make a reservation, cross country skis and snowshoes are first come, first serve.

We recommend you ski. Skiing is easier to learn and gets you off the beginner runs faster. If you really want to learn snowboarding, go for it! Just know you may spend more time on the ground than on your feet for the first day or two.

Just give us your regular shoe size. We know that different brands and styles range wildly, but something you would wear in a tennis shoe or running shoe is usually a good place to start. And of course, our staff is here to make sure we get you sized correctly, so don’t worry if we need to make some adjustments.

It’s a very rare sight, but sometimes in the high country if you get up early on a cold, snowy morning you can find the correct atmospheric phenomena to facilitate you being witness to this amazing and beautiful occurrence….. (Just kidding, they are two unique animals, and deer turning into elk doesn’t happen.)

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