Alpen Haus Ski Center
Price list 2017/18

Ski Type Ski Package 1-day rental 3-day rental  
Downhill Skis
  Demo $40.00 $118.00
Includes boot upgrade
  Premium $32.00 $90.00 Boot upgrade 5/day
  Sport Plus $24.00 $70.00 Boot upgrade 5/day

Sport $15.00 $42.00 
  Childrens Pkg $12.00 $34.00 Age 11 or under
  Standard $25.00 $72.00  
 Demo $35.00 $102.00  
   Child  18.00  $52.00

 120cm and les

Cross Country Ski
  Adult $15.00 $40.00  
  Child $10.00 $28.00 Age 11 or under
  Skating  $18.00 $45.00  
Snowblades   $22.00 $62.00


 Our "BLACK DIAMOND RESERVATION ROOM" is  faster than ever for reservation pick-up!!

Notice! Please don't make reservations on iphone or ipad. (For some reason they don't work...).  We are working on the problem..

NO Refunds on Rentals!

 Reservations should be made  48 hours in advance!   Spring break reservations should be made 2 weeks in advance!

  Rentals are available for checkout at 2:00 P.M. on the day prior to your first ski day at no additional charge!


Buy a 4 or 5 day Pkg. on Sport, Sport+,Premium

and get an extra day free!!(type recession buster in comments line).

No Refunds on Rentals!!